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50 Killer Ikea Hacks to Transform Your Home Office

Whether you work at home every day, need a place to finish up projects from the office, or have to work on homework from college classes, having a comfortable and organized home office can be essential to getting ahead and maximizing productivity while you're working on just about anything. Luckily, there are many ways that you can create an amazing place to work in your home on a shoestring budget. Some of the best involve creatively repurposing items from Swedish home retailer Ikea. Read on to find some amazing ways to transform affordable Ikea items into a customized and comfortable additions to your home office that will make you happy to head into your home office.


From files to supplies, these storage solutions will help you to keep all of your office essentials in order.

  1. Repurposed kitchen and bath units: The kitchen and bath cupboards sold by Ikea also make great foundations for desks and office storage.
  2. Expedit on the walls: Expedit is one of Ikea's most popular shelving lines, but some get pretty creative when using it. As it turns out, it can also be wall mounted, making for some seriously great looking storage.
  3. Angled wall shelving: Have an office in an attic space? Use these brackets to attach useful shelves right to the angled walls.
  4. Lack side table shelves: Your desk can get some added storage when you add a few shelves, built out of Lack tables.
  5. Customized IKEA built-ins: You can use Ikea supplies to create an office that looks amazingly pulled together, like this one. No one will know you didn't spend a fortune!
  6. Spiced up cabinet: Take a boring old Ikea filing cabinet and turn it into something special with a little help from paint and self-adhesive vinyl.


Keeping your office organized is essential to making it a productive space. Learn some simple solutions that can help you do just that from these great hacks.

  1. Cable management system: Keep all those computer cords organized by borrowing this great cable management hack.
  2. Hidden printer paper storage: With this modification of a magazine file your printer paper will stay close at hand and wrinkle-free.
  3. Spray painted Kasset boxes: Do the Kasset boxes not come in the colors you want? No worries! Simply spray paint them for the perfectly coordinated office storage solution.
  4. Ice tray desk organizer: An ice cube tray can be an awesome way to keep bills and other paperwork at hand.
  5. Chalkboard magazine boxes: Label your magazine boxes easily with a bit of chalkboard paint.
  6. Desk organizer and charging station: These hack does double duty, letting you charge your electronics and keeping you organized at the same time.
  7. Spruced up magazine holders: You can paint or paper your magazine holders to make for much more stylish organization in your office.
  8. Recycling and trash center: This solution makes it simple to separate out recyclable materials like paper in your office.
  9. Spinning magazine rack: A take on a fancy version from Crate and Barrel, this spinning magazine rack will keep all your reading material on hand.


A desk is the heart of any office space, so make sure yours is sufficiently great by employing a few of these hacks.

  1. Home office from an old PAX cupboard: The PAX cupboard might have been made to store clothes and other items, but it makes a great desk with a few simple tweaks that you can see here.
  2. Expedit standing desk: Using the Expedit shelving from Ikea, as well as a few other pieces, you can create an amazing desk.
  3. iMac standing desk: This desk is designed to be a perfect fit for the iMac.
  4. Besta cabinet desk: The Besta cabinet series can help build a seriously great desk system for your office space, as you'll see here.
  5. Pallet desk: An old pallet and some legs from Ikea can help make a seriously unique desk for your space.
  6. Rustic finished desk: Give the standard Ikea desk a little bit of character by using this hack to age the wood.
  7. Ergonomics hacks: A few tweaks using Ikea materials can help you to create a desk that's much more ergonomically friendly.
  8. Billy desk: The Billy bookshelf system has been an Ikea staple for decades and with this simple hack it becomes a fully functional workstation.
  9. Two-tiered computer desk: This multi-layer desk offers plenty of room for work and storage.
  10. Shower curtained Lack desk: You won't believe what a transformation you can make on a surface by repurposing a shower curtain.
  11. Dressing table makeover: Don't have a need for that old dressing table anymore? Turn it into a great desk using this hack.

On the Wall

Every office needs something on the walls. Learn how to make great artwork, clocks, and bulletin boards to accessorize your space.

  1. Tabletop turned whiteboard: A glass tabletop can make an awesome whiteboard for your office, perfect for writing notes or keeping a calendar.
  2. Backlit frames: These frames use backlighting to highlight their contents, a cool addition to a modern office.
  3. Wall-mounted monitor: Save space and make your space look amazingly high-tech by mounting your monitor on the wall.
  4. Photo frame clock: Pop your favorite photo in behind the Ikea Rusch wall clock for a much more personalized look.
  5. Custom bulletin board: Create a bulletin board that coordinates perfectly with your space by using this simple idea.
  6. Fancy chalkboard: An Ikea mirror gets a makeover with a little chalkboard paint in this hack that will give your office a seriously cool way to leave messages and notes.
  7. Grundtal double curtain rod: The Grundtal system can be used as a curtain rod, as well.
  8. Grundtal mini garden: Magnetic containers can be the perfect place to house some air plants to add some interest to your office.


Keep all your tech neat and organized with these helpful hacks.

  1. Napkin holder as laptop stand: An Ikea napkin holder can be the perfect way to prop up your laptop.
  2. Built-in USB hub: How cool would it be to have a USB hub sunk right into your desk? Follow this hack and this dream can become a reality.
  3. CPU house in Ikea drawers: Hide away your CPU in a modified set of Helmer office drawers.
  4. Speaker fabric hides tech clutter: This is a super simple hack that will let you keep your office looking neat without sacrificing gadget space.
  5. Vase charging station: A pretty vase becomes a stylish and functional addition to your office when you transform it into a charging station using this hack.
  6. Monitor lift: Put your monitor at the correct ergonomic level using door stoppers; an odd but seriously functional solution.
  7. Speaker stands: Stools get new life as speaker stands using this cool idea.
  8. Smartphone cradle: Want a pretty place to stash your smartphone while it charges? Try a soap dish!
  9. PC Desk: This hack modifies drawers to hold a PC comfortably, keeping it safe, secure, and out of sight.

Office Decor

Spruce up your space with these easy and attractive ideas.

  1. Skruvsta office chair makeover: Have an old office chair from Ikea sitting around? This hack will show you can it can look amazing with some new fabric.
  2. Revived Kip and Svenning chairs: Turn an old, cheap-o office chair into something truly special with a basic reupholstery job.
  3. Plastic chair redo: Fabric chairs aren't the only ones you can hack. This inspirational post will show you how to transform a plastic chair into something special.
  4. LED-lit workspace: Give your space some serious mood lighting with this cool and futuristic hack.
  5. DIY chevron rug: Got an old rug that has seen better days? Give it new life by painting it in a fun pattern like this Ikea hacker did.
  6. Placemat pillows: Turn some budget-friendly placemats into pretty throw pillows for your office with just a sewing machine and a few hours time.
  7. Radiator cover: If you've got radiators in your office, cover them up and keep the heat flowing at the same time by using this great-looking idea.