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Online English Degrees

Explore a Bachelor's Degree in English

If you find yourself correcting other people's grammar, or if you enjoy reading and writing, you may want to consider pursuing an online bachelor's degree in English. This will allow you to hone your writing, communication, and analytical skills and use them toward a variety of careers. Typically, earning an online bachelor's degree in English can be done in four years. However, how long it takes you to complete your degree program will depend on several factors, such as whether you are a full-time or part-time student, the specific requirements of your program, your ability to successfully complete each class and progress through the program, and the number of transferable credits you can use toward your English degree.

Class Curriculum

An English bachelor's degree program will focus on written and verbal communication, grammar, and literary comprehension. Each online bachelor's degree program in English will differ, but here are a few of the more common courses taken by English majors:

  • Principles of Composition. This course will cover the different forms of writing and develop your writing skills. You will learn about topics such as outlining, planning, drafting, stylistic choices, and editing.
  • Techniques in Creative Writing. This course will teach you the various techniques used to create stories, narratives, poems, and other works of fiction. You will learn about plot, character development, flow, aesthetics, and the creative process.
  • Introduction to English Literature. This course will explore classical and modern British literature. You will learn about the historical authors and literary works that are significant and have shaped and impacted modern literature.

English majors have a significant amount of written assignments. This can include papers, essays, poetry, stories, and reports on the various topics being covered. You can also expect to read and analyze a significant amount of literature, describing the significance and the impact each piece had on the writings of the succeeding generations.

Building a Career

An online bachelor's degree in English will provide you with the ability to effectively and properly use the English language. This is a valuable skill to have and can lead to a variety of careers. Some of the most popular career choices for English majors include teaching middle school or high school students, writing, and editing. However, even though you have a lot of options, earning your degree does not guarantee employment.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), middle school teachers are expected to have a 17% increase in employment through the year 2020 and earn an average of $51,960 a year. High school teachers are expected to have a 7% increase in employment and earn an average of $53,230 a year. Authors and writers are expected to have a 6% increase in employment and earn an average of $55,420 a year. Editors are expected to see no change in employment and earn an average of $51,470 a year. Your income will be based on several factors, such as your level of experience, the industry you work in, your employer, and what city and state you work in. An author's income may also depend on how successful they are and how many people purchase their work.