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Career Advising

Will You Fit In? Conducting Company Research with Social Media

The Internet allows for a networking two-way street – just as recruiters can search for information about you as a potential applicant through social media, you can use social media to find out more about them, too. Company profiles and accounts are established to foster community connections and provide a place, and often a point […]

Professional Networking Online: 5 Ideas for Introverts

You need to be actively networking. This statement is the mantra of many career advisors working with job seekers, but it’s not always the easiest thing to do– especially for introverts. Professional networking can be described as meeting people, usually informally, with whom you may be able to forge a connection and extend your career […]

Celebrating National Small Business Week

Entrepreneurial careers are on the rise, and working as an independent contractor or starting your own business may be part of your future plans. The National Small Business Week events, taking place this week and organized by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), provide a closer look at what it means to own and operate a small […]

Using Social Media in Your Next Job Search

The Internet, and the access it provides us to people and resources, can be leveraged for your career development through the use of many social media and networking sites. This growing system of tools allows job seekers to both explore employment opportunities and market themselves to potential employers. Social media and career advising are two […]

Job Search Advice: Meet the Need

When you see an announcement for an open position, ask this question: Why are they hiring? The hiring process can be expensive in terms of money, resources, and time. And extending an offer to a candidate comes with a certain amount of risk. A recent comment on this blog reminds us all to consider the employer’s perspective. […]

Networking is Out? Connecting is In!

What are your first thoughts when someone suggests that should be “networking?” Networking is often a “what’s in it for me” enterprise. For the introverted, like myself, and for those who tend to procrastinate with their career and job search plans, professional networking is something we try to avoid. Asking for help doesn’t always come […]

The Resume is Dead – Again

Employers and job seekers have long relied upon the resume as a standard communication tool in the job search process, but in the past couple of weeks several articles denouncing the traditional resume caught my eye. In one example, The Wall Street Journal reported that Union Square Ventures, “asked applicants to send links representing their […]

Best of: Career Advice for 2012

You may have already seen some of the lists coming out right now from a variety of career experts, all offering advice about how to kick-start your career in the New Year. From college career counselors and internship specialists to corporate recruiters and private career practitioners, these lists offer specific actions you can take to […]

How Education Can Support Your Design Career

By: Jordan Krueger Graphic and web design is a unique industry and career choice because it is filled with do-it-yourself lone wolves who learned everything through self-motivated research and perhaps a little help from their peers and contemporaries. There are a good amount of designers who never needed to take a design course and never […]

Alumni Feedback: “Professional Skills Required”

What would alumni from your school tell you about the skills needed in today’s marketplace? A member of my undergraduate alumni career group on LinkedIn recently posted this discussion question: “If you were hiring a recent graduate, what top 5 professional skills would make him/her a strong candidate in your profession?” I thought this was […]