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End-of-Course Activities for Online Instructors

The last day of class doesn't mean the last day of work for online instructors. From evaluating final projects to submitting students' grades to the Registrar, there are still many official tasks left to accomplish after the course is over. It's also the time to review and update course materials. What can instructors do during the summer break or between academic terms to improve their courses and prepare for the next group of students? Join us this week and share your ideas!

These questions (adapted from the Faculty Focus read-ahead below) will guide the discussion. When you consider your most recent course:

Q1) What do you think you will remember about it in 5 years?

Q2) What were the best (or worst) moments of the course?

Q3) What was new, different, or exciting about the content?

Q4) How would you like to modify the course materials for the next term?

Q5) Did you teach the course well? What would you change about your approach?

Q6) If you could change one thing about your students' learning, what would it be?

This week's read-aheads:

End of Semester Reflections: Beginnings, Endings, and Spaces Between from Maryellen Weimer, Faculty Focus

An Instructional Design Approach to Updating an Online Course Curriculum from Shalin Hai-Jew, EDUCAUSE Review Online

8 Ideas to Inspire Your Online Teaching from