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Creating Balance: Work, Home, and Online Learning

Join us for our first chat of 2013! This week we welcome Guest Host Irene Becker from @JustCoachIt.

We'll be discussing tips and resources for managing our multiple roles and responsibilities. What are the realities of balancing work, family, and school? Share your recommendations for students and instructors who are trying to optimize their efforts.

Q1: What is the greatest life/work/learning balance challenge you face on a daily basis? Pick one!

Q2: How do you currently balance personal and professional priorities – work, learning, family, and time for self?

Q3: In a perfect world what would life/work/learning optimization and balance look like for you?

Q4: What can you do right now to work, communicate, learn, and lead forward in ways that are smarter, happier, faster?

Q5: How can you build a better relationship with yourself, your potential, and with others?

This week's read-aheads:

10 Ways to Lead Forward During Times of Complexity and Change

5 Ways to Take Control of YOUR Potential

The Happiness Compendium

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