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Career Advising

The Power of an Online Career Portfolio

It’s not enough in today’s competitive job market to know things. You have to be able to demonstrate what you can do and do better than most to gain the positive attention of a hiring employer. This was a recurring conversation during last month’s National Career Development Association (NCDA) conference as attendees, mostly career counselors, […]

Modern Career Management: Accepting Risk and Uncertainty

The career decisions we face can all seem quite overwhelming – reading the regular reports on unemployment, layoffs, etc. – and it is overwhelming for so many students and job seekers trying to react to changes in the job market with little or no guarantee of the best way forward. We as a society are […]

What’s Your APPtitude? Job Search Edition

You may already use mobile apps and devices to check your email and participate in social networks, and even work on your online courses. They further extend the flexibility and convenience of online learning, but are also helpful for career-related activities and job search tasks. Earlier this month I was privileged to present a technology […]

A Creative Approach to Career Development

Being creative isn’t just for artists, authors, and musicians. All of us can, and should, think about our careers creatively – working with the raw materials at hand to make something unique. In the context of career development, these raw materials might include your education and training accomplishments, past working experiences, interests and hobbies, volunteer […]

Connecting Course Work and the Workplace

If you are interested in furthering your career or opening up new employment options, you have something in common with many other online students. The Noel-Levitz higher education consulting group routinely reports that “future employment opportunities” are a factor for online enrollment, and new research from The Learning House [PDF] finds that two-thirds of online […]

A Closer Look at LinkedIn Premium

Have you received an email invitation to upgrade your LinkedIn account? I’m asked at least once each month if I want to purchase a premium account, often including a free 30-day trial, but never took the plunge … until now. LinkedIn is recognized as a premier site for professional social networking, and there’s good reason […]

Referrals, References, and Letters of Recommendation

It can seem like the job search process never ends. After you prepare your resume and cover letter, and perhaps fill out job applications, there is still more to do. Referrals, references, and letters of recommendation are all significant pieces of the job search puzzle, and they all require you to ask somebody for something. […]

Essential Recordkeeping for Job Seekers

The idea of recordkeeping may sound unnecessary, mundane, or just plain tedious, but it’s a helpful part of the job search process. It’s no secret that the current economy is tough and some job seekers find themselves sending out a large number of resumes before being invited to interview. How are you documenting your efforts? […]

5 Questions to Ask Before Starting a New Job

In a challenging job market, it may seem that any job offer is a good job offer. But one of my colleagues, in his first month of a new job that was the reward of an arduous and time consuming search, felt a little out of place. Setting issues related to compensation and benefits aside, […]

5 Tech Tools for Job Interview Practice

Once you get to the interview stage of your job search, you’ve already survived several layers of screening as hiring managers compare your application materials (i.e., resume, cover letter, transcripts) to the needs of the position. But as the National Association of Colleges and Employers advises, “the interview will make or break your candidacy. The […]