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How to Avoid Social Media Burnout

So much technology, so little time. We're constantly encouraged to develop an online presence, establish a digital footprint, and join online communities. The benefits of social media and networking are evident, but as the number of social platforms available increases how do you decide if, where, when, and how you'll use them? This week join us and share your favorite tips and tools, especially as they relate to online teaching and learning.

We continue our summer schedule featuring 30-minute weekly chats.

This week's read-aheads:

Four Takeaways from Pew's "Facebook Vacation" Report from Forbes

Social Media Burnout and the New Pressures on Educators from Steve Hargadon

Social Media Burnout, Already!? from CASE Blog

How a "Tech Break" Can Help Students Refocus from Hechinger Ed

Social Media Management for Educators from