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Share Your Gratitude!

It's all too easy to focus on what's broken in online education, what needs to be changed, how it could be done differently. While improvement is always a goal, we know that there are already plenty of talented people out there doing great things to support online teachers and learners. We also know how it feels to be on the receiving end of a "thank you," but often forget to reach out and pass them along.

Join us this week and show your appreciation for those who have a positive impact on what you do. From industry leaders to instructors, students, and administrators at your school, who do you want to thank?

We are on our summer schedule featuring 30-minute weekly chats.

This week's read-aheads:

10 Ways to Say ‘Thank you' from

How to Say Thank You from Alison Doyle,

Take the Time to Say Thanks from Starr Sackstein