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Social Media and the Job Search

Join us this week with guest host Lexie Forman-Ortiz! Lexie brings her expertise as Community Manager for SmartRecruiters to our chat about the basics of a social media job search and the change in hiring climate.

Social media is now an important tool not only for students and job seekers, but also for employers. With businesses becoming more extroverted, social job seekers have more opportunities to connect with potential employers beyond submitting a resume. Are you using social media for career development?

We'll use these questions to guide the chat session:

Q1) What do students want/need to know about a potential employer via their social media brand?

Q2) What are your suggestions for reaching out to a company of interest through social media?

Q3) What should students and job seekers share online?

Q4) In what other ways can a job seeker get the word out about his/her work potential?

Q5) How can colleges assist students with the new social media job search environment?

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