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Career Profile: Waste Manager

Why Is Waste Management a Job of Tomorrow?
Waste managers will always be needed to handle the increasing stream of trash generated by Americans, and those who deal with recycling and waste reduction will see a significant increase in demand. Waste managers make an average of $15.68 per hour.

What Does a Waste Manager Do?
Waste managers handle the everyday operations and routines of waste removal programs. They are responsible for ensuring that every neighborhood and business receives proper waste removal services on their designated days. They also handle landfill regulations and perform office administrative duties to ensure that waste disposal services run as efficiently as possible. Managers who handle recycling services decide which neighborhoods and businesses will receive pickup services, and where to install community drop-off locations. They must factor in the accessibility of the drop-off locations for recycling trucks, as well as whether it is a convenient spot for the majority of the local population. Waste managers must consider how many people will be actively participating in the recycling program so that areas with a higher number of users receive recycling services before ones that show less interest.

What Kind of Training Do I Need to Become a Waste Manager?

There are no formal education requirements for waste managers, but those looking to join the field should consider earning a bachelor's degree in business administration to increase their marketability.