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Best Online Master’s Degrees in: Technology Management

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Explore a Master's Degree in Technology Management

An online master's degree program in technology management provides students with a broad understanding of key business functions and the technologies that make them function. This degree is a good option for the student who has a strong interest in technology and who wants to affect positive change within an organization by improving efficiency. The program typically requires the completion of 36 academic credit hours of course work, although the actual length of the program may vary by institution and if a student has already completed the necessary prerequisites.

Class Curriculum

A master's degree in technology management curriculum includes instruction in emerging technologies, corporate finance, management of technology, managerial economics, operations management, and other aspects of business operations. As such, students of the program may enroll in courses such as technology in the business environment, product realization, strategic planning and marketing, operations management, and enterprise architecture. Read on for a closer look at three technology management courses:

  • Technology in the Business Environment. A technology in the business environment course considers technology as an integral part of a business' operations. This course covers the structure and planning of technology projects and investment and an analysis of their productivity and financial return. Students may also learn about the connections between technology, product development, and marketing.
  • IT and Operations Management. This course covers the role the Chief Information Officer (CIO) plays in the operations and performance management of a company or organization. Students study the concepts of outsourcing, cloud computing, information security, IT governance, and the business value of IT.
  • Strategic Planning and Marketing. The strategic planning and marketing course examines how organizations invest in and use new technologies to improve their operations. In this class, students learn how to improve business performance though market analysis and strategic planning, and they may get first-hand experience formulating strategic plans.

Students of a technology management course may be required to complete reading assignments from academic text books, essays that demonstrate understanding of the course material, and a long-form research project which may include an essay. They may also be graded by their performance on periodical quizzes, class discussions, and exams.

Building a Career

A master's degree in technology management could eventually qualify a graduate for employment as a chief information officer for a business or any other organization. CIOs are responsible for the overall technological direction of an organization, which includes organizing and supervising information technology employees, projects, policies, and the computer systems. They, along with other top executives, work in nearly every industry in organizations both large and small.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that the median annual pay for top executives was $101,250. Employment opportunities for top executives, including CIOs, are expected to be highly competitive. The BLS expects employment of executives to grow 5%, or slower than average for all occupations, between 2010 and 2020. This may be because as a business grows, the number of top executive position does not grow as quickly as the number of other employees. Competition for a top executive job is also very high because of the salary and prestige associated with the position.