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Career Profile: Business IT Analyst

Why Is Business IT Analysis a Job of Tomorrow?
As companies increasingly depend on technology, business IT analysts will be in demand to ensure that hardware and software are properly handled and run efficiently. Employment opportunities for business information technology analysts are expected to remain steady, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Business IT analysts with one to four years of experience make an average salary of $54,605 annually, according to PayScale, a company that specializes in compensation data. Salaries for employees in this field typically increase with the employee's level of education and experience.

What Does a Business IT Analyst Do?
Business IT analysts are responsible for the overall business information needs of an organization. They act as the connection between the business and information technology departments of an organization, ensuring that communication and understanding between the two branches runs smoothly and efficiently. Analysts listen to the needs of the business department and develop a system design that can be implemented by the information technology department, according to the University of California Irvine's Extension school. Many business IT analysts are expected to solve complex business problems as well, drawing on their analytical skills and understanding of how information technology can greatly affect an organization.

What Kind of Training Do I Need to Become a Business IT Analyst?
There are no formal education requirements for business IT analysts, but most employers prefer applicants who have completed at least a bachelor's degree program in computer science or business administration. A bachelor's program takes about four years to complete, and courses cover such topics as business theories and technology integration. Certification is available for those who wish to increase their marketability. Requirements for certification vary by state and the specific certification program's school.