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Career Profile: Hotel General Manager

Why Is Hotel General Management a Job of Tomorrow?
With the boom in globalization, business travel is seeing an upswing. The hospitality industry will steadily climb, increasing the need for hotel general managers to ensure that all the different components of the property are running smoothly and efficiently. Employment opportunities for hotel general managers are expected to increase 12 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Hotel general managers earn an average salary of $42,320 annually.

What Does a Hotel General Manager Do?
Hotel general managers ensure that guests are comfortable and satisfied. They oversee the other hotel staffers, such as janitors and human resources personnel, and are responsible for the overall functioning of the establishment. There are many different departments in a hotel. The financial department handles the business aspect of the hotel, processing charges and fees as well as resolving specific guest billing issues. The food and service department handles the dining experience and recreational activities of the hotel, maintaining its in-house restaurants and other amenities, such as spas or gyms. The general manager, however, does not deal specifically with any one department. Instead, the manager is responsible for all of the departments. Managers are well versed in many areas of the hotel, and therefore often aid the separate departments if help is needed. They also uphold the guidelines established by hotel owners.

What Kind of Training Do I Need to Become a Hotel General Manager?
Hotel general managers must have a bachelor's degree in hospitality or hotel management, though more employers are now seeking those with a master's degree in the field. A bachelor's degree takes four years to earn, and a master's degree takes an additional two to three years to earn after obtaining a bachelor's degree. Courses include business practices and theories of hospitality. Professional working experience, through an internship or paid position, is also required by many employers for a management position. Certification programs are available at some hotels, and usually require experience, course work and the successful completion of an examination.