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Career Profile: Middle School Teacher

Why Is Middle School Teaching a Job of Tomorrow?
Middle school is a key time when students prepare for the increased academic rigors and social challenges of high school. It can be an awkward phase for many students, and thus good middle school teachers who can communicate well with this sometimes difficult, yet rewarding, age group will be sought after by employers. Job opportunities for middle school teachers are expected to see an 11 percent increase, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Middle school teachers earn an average salary of $49,700 annually.

What Does a Middle School Teacher Do?
Middle school teachers are typically responsible for teaching children from sixth to eighth grade. They play an important role in developing a child's intellect and work habits, as middle school is a transitory time where students must develop good study habits in preparation for their high school education. Middle school teachers specialize in different subjects and teach several classes throughout the day. Subjects include mathematics, English, science, history, and arts and physical education programs.

What Kind of Training Do I Need to Become a Middle School Teacher?
Middle school teachers must have a bachelor's degree from a teaching program, though some states now offer alternative methods of obtaining a teaching license for those who did not earn their degree in teaching. A bachelor's degree program takes about four years to complete, and the teaching program for middle school educators covers the courses the student will teach, such as mathematics and literature, as well as classroom methods and the psychology of learning. Public school teachers must be licensed, but the requirements vary among states. Private schools have their own regulations.