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Best Online Degrees in: Real Estate Management

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Explore a Bachelor's Degree in Real Estate Management

There are a number of bachelor's degrees available to individuals interested in a career in real estate management. A bachelor's degree in real estate management gives students basic skills in mortgage lending, development, equity investment, and brokerage. Students learn how to examine various housing markets, financing methods for both residential and commercial properties, as well as trends that can affect property values. Students will also spend a fair amount of time focusing on real estate and contract law. Most online bachelor's degree programs in real estate management take approximately four to five years to complete, depending on the school and program.

Class Curriculum

Students pursuing a degree in real estate management can expect to take several courses in finance, economics, and real estate law. Because real estate careers involve significant face-to-face contact with clients and other professionals in the field, students can also expect to take courses in composition, speech, and communication.

  • Real Estate as a Profession. This course lets students examine the basic principles, practices, and career paths available in the industry. It also serves as an introduction to real estate concepts, methods, and tools that are covered in more advanced courses that appear later in the program.
  • Real Estate Laws and Regulations. In this course, students learn about issues of property, ownership, sale, financing, foreclosure, and ownership limitations imposed by local and state law. Students also learn about specific topics like planning and zoning, policy issues due to growth, and many more.
  • Real Estate Practice. Students in this course examine the basic day-to-day job functions of real estate sales professionals and brokers. Students will practice the basics of property listing, advertising, escrow, and establishing a client base.

Most online bachelor's degree programs in real estate allow students to complete course work at their own pace within an allotted time for a specific class or assignment. However, certain programs may require students to complete an internship before graduating, or may require students to complete a capstone project in the form of research, writing, or a presentation. It's also important to remember that before you can began practicing real estate, you must first earn your license in the state where you intend to sell property. While a bachelor's degree in real estate can help prepare you for a state licensing exam, it will not be a part of the program.

Building a Career

Upon completion of a bachelor's degree program in real estate management, graduates should be able to find a position as a real estate broker or sales agent, or in property and real estate management. Real estate agents and brokers are both responsible for helping clients to buy, sell, or rent property. While brokers and agents do the same kind of work, brokers must be licensed to manage their own property as well. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 57% of all real estate brokers and sales agents are self-employed. While brokers and agents are called upon to work long, and irregular hours – including nights and weekends – most have the ability to make their own schedules. According to the BLS, the median annual wage of real estate brokers was $54,910, while the median annual wage for sales agents was significantly lower at $40,030.

Individuals working in property and real estate management are responsible for the upkeep of residential, commercial, or industrial properties. In most cases, they are responsible for ensuring that the property is taken care of properly, and that the property maintains, or grows its resale value. In most cases, property managers work in an office environment that is usually on the site of the property itself, and are usually called upon to work irregular hours, including nights and weekends. According to the BLS, the median annual wage of property managers was $51,480, with about half of all workers being self-employed. However, your salary may differ from the averages, depending on your education, experience, employer, and other considerations.