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Best Online Master’s Degrees in: Military History

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Editor's Picks: Online Schools for Military History

The best online master's degree in military history for value is Walden University, founded in 1970, is a predominantly online institution that offers an online Master of Arts in Military Social Work. More than 90% of Walden graduates who responded say they are very satisfied or satisfied with Walden.

Featured Online Programs

American Public University System, which operates American Military University and American Public University, wins the award for best online master's degree in military history for flexibility. The system received an A- ranking from College Prowler for academic flexibility. Students have hailed how APUS makes courses available 24/7 and how the online format is beneficial to those with full-time jobs, family obligations, or those serving in the military. American Military University provides additional flexibility in specialization options, which include the American Revolution, Civil War, World War II, and more, according to the program website.

Financial Support
Walden University has a financial services staff dedicated to helping students navigate their options for paying for graduate school, and that emphasize helping veteran and active duty military receive the maximum educational benefits for which they qualify. Walden provides millions of dollars in financial assistance through scholarships, grants, and tuition savings opportunities and offering a generous transfer of credit policy, putting graduation well within reach.

Technology Support
Austin Peay State University understands that having technology that runs smoothly is vital to a student's success in an online program. For this reason, the university has a Distance Education Help Desk that helps resolve issues that students have with logging into their courses or other problems with the university's online learning platform, Desire2Learn. Students who want in-depth training in Desire2Learn can ask to be enrolled in a D2L student training, which teaches students how to navigate their online courses, upload files, contribute to online discussion boards, and perform other online functions. For these reasons, Austin Peay State University is the recipient of the award for best online master's degree in military history.

Student Engagement
The American Public University System believes that just because programs are delivered online doesn't mean they have to be dry and un-engaging. The online experience at APUS is described as a "community of learners" where students engage in discussions with faculty and other students and the asynchronous environment allows students to put serious thought into their responses in discussion board threads. Students can chat and share photos with their classmates in the student lounge, and some courses may even incorporate live webcasts with professors and industry leaders, according to the university's website. Because of its commitment to creating an engaging learning environment, APUS receives the award for best online master's degree in military history for student engagement.

Disability Support
Austin Peay State University wins the award for best online master's degree in military history for disability support because of the many services and technologies it provides for students with disabilities. A few of such options includes note-taking assistance, exam assistance, an alternative format program, and assistive technology, according to the university's Office of Disability Services. Austin Peay State University also provides clear, concise online instructions for reporting and documenting a disability, as well as referrals to professionals who can perform psychological evaluations of students. Last but not least, the university offers scholarships for students with disabilities.

Library and Research Support
The award for best online master's degree in military history for library and research support goes to Walden University, which offers its online students access to the same outstanding resources as their on-campus counterparts. These services include 100 online databases, 22,000 full-text electric journals, and tens of thousands of e-books, according to the university website. Students can not only communicate via email, phone, and instant message with library reference staff, but they also have access to a librarian dedicated solely to the university's distance learners. In addition, students can take advantage of a document delivery service for hard copy library materials they need for research.

Learning Support
Austin Peay State University is dedicated to providing its online students with the support they need to be successful. The university provides learning support through online library services, online advising, 24/7 technical support, and peer tutoring. The university also provides additional online support through the writing lab and virtual academic support center, according to the university's website.

Alumni Engagement
Austin Peay State University wins the award for best online master's degree in military history for alumni engagement due to its dedication to students even after they graduate. Fun programs that students can participate in include Homecoming, the Candlelight Ball, and Fall Fling, according to the university website, not to mention Alumni Travel, where former students get together to take trips to locations around the world. APSU's National Alumni Association also has multiple chapters throughout the South and representing certain types of alumni. Alumni can also connect and keep in touch over Facebook.

Prior Learning Options
Because of its flexibility in accepting applicable transfer credit, Norwich University wins the award for best online master's degree in military history for prior learning options. While transfer credits are examined on a case-by-case basis, up to 12 credits can be transferred into the graduate program, according to the university's website. For some programs, the university may even allow students to waive certain seminar requirements if they have earned certification in a relevant area before entering those programs.

New Online Student Orientation
Austin Peay State University's online course orientation is designed to answer the most common questions students have about completing an online program. Section by section, the orientation explains online discussion boards, netiquette tips, where to go for technical support, tips for usernames and passwords, how to enroll, and more. Austin Peay State University receives the award for best online master's degree in military history for new online student orientation.

Explore a Master's Degree in Military History

A master's in military history is a degree program presenting students, teachers, and historians with the opportunity to grow their knowledge of military history and evolve their careers. Expanding on the basic skills and knowledge this degree's seekers developed as undergraduates, students will learn to effectively utilize historical methods to research, critically study, and communicate synthesized historical data. A degree of this type takes between one and a half to two years to complete; however, this timeframe depends on whether a student began with transfer master's credits, and whether he or she chose to pursue the degree full time or part time.

Class Curriculum

Military history master's students take courses that investigate the history of military branches throughout world. No two programs are the same, but students are typically expected to complete assignments that will improve their skills as a historian, while demonstrating an understanding of the new historiographical methodologies to which they are exposed. Additionally, students will study differing cultures' militaries, such as their strategies, leaderships, and branches. Students may take:

  • Introduction to Warfare. A history methodology class focusing on warfare, this course will teach students the basic methods and tools used to gather necessary historical research. Students will learn to determine impartial research and sources from biased ones and how to develop logical hypothesizes in an effort to expand on existing historical knowledge.
  • Non-Western Warfare. This course will take students through the history of warfare in the non-western world, demonstrating how such warfare has had long-lasting effects on the world as a whole. This includes military history of Asia, Europe, Africa, and India.
  • Warfare Theory. A warfare theory course teaches students about the theories, strategies, and motives behind warfare in the world, and typically focuses on events that standout in history. For instance, students may examine such an event as World War II; including what military and public values and beliefs were at that time, the military strategies employed during that time, and some of the many reasons said war began and ended.

Building a Career

A master's degree in military history will involve learning new research strategies and tools, improving oral and written communication skills, and acquiring important reasoning skills. Such a degree enables earners to be marketable for careers as teachers, compliance officers, and historians. It should be understood that the salaries stated below are only estimates, and cannot be guaranteed because such compensation depends on a series of environmental factors, such as the state of the economy, a job's U.S. location, and experience level.

Many teachers seek a master's degree in an effort to better their overall historical knowledge, provide a well-rounded education to their students, and earn more income during their careers. Those teachers employed by elementary, middle, or high schools make an average income of $56,790, states the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Conversely, those employed by junior colleges or universities can hope to take home $72,200.

On the other hand, historians' careers concentrate on better understanding past events through research, examination, and interpretation. Many focus on specific time periods or events in history; someone with a master's in military history, for instance, might focus his or her career specifically on the American Revolution. The BLS states that historians can make $52,370 annually; and increasing one's salary or status in this career depends heavily on education level, experience, and accomplishment.

Those with this master's degree are also skilled to enter careers as compliance officers in both the private and public sectors. A compliance officer's job is to ensure that a business or governmental unit's operations conform to established state and federal laws. To do this, compliance officers confirm that all necessary lawful documents are attained, such as permits, stay informed about new laws that could affect operations, and enforce the use of procedures dictated by U.S. laws.